COVID-19 Special Notice

To all our ballroom family, 2020 has been a very interesting year for us all. COVID-19 has affected all our lives in different and unexpected ways and has especially affected the ballroom dance community. With current government restrictions, as well as many dance studios still closed or operating at a limited capacity, we have made the tough decision to cancel Vancouver Challenge Cup 2021 for both safety and financial reasons. This is a decision we wanted to put off for as long as possible but with the current state of the pandemic, we do not feel that we will be able to provide the community with an event we would be proud to call VCC.

Please stay safe, stay active, and never stop dancing! Let's all continue to have fun and celebrate dance in our own way and we look forward to welcoming you all back in 2022!

Ballroom Dancing


Early Bird registration deadline is December 16th 2019

Competitor Registration can be done through email, in person, or online through O2CM for both Amateur and Pro-Am competitions. Please note that there are entry fees associated for all entries.

Online registration through O2CM is now closed. To register, please email us your registration forms to: If you need to make any changes to existing registsrations, please email us as well.

Register and pay before December 16th 2019 for the early bird discount and the registreation fee will be waived! Unpaid registrations after this date will be charged a $25 Registration Fee. Registration will still be allowed through January on the condition that it does not change our schedule.   
Click here for more info on our fee schedule.

**Liability Waiver**
All registrants must complete and sign the liability waiver in order to participate at the event. To speed up your check-in process on the competition day, we highly recommend that you download the waiver below and email a completed copy to after you have registered online.
Liability Waiver (95kb PDF)

Register By Email Or In Person

Our downloadable and printable registration forms are located below. You can either drop them off with an organizer or scan and send forms to:

Amateur Registration Forms

Amateur Registration Form (124kb PDF)
Amateur Smooth and Rhythm Registration Form (137kb PDF)
Amateur Same Gender Registration Form (120kb PDF)
Amateur AM-AM Mixed Amateur Registration Form (121kb PDF)
Amateur Solo Registration Form (103kb PDF)
Amateur Rules and Regulations (330kb PDF)

NDCC Membership Registration

All amateur competitors dancing in sanctioned events are required to be registered with NDCC. The registration form can be downloaded from the NDCC website or you can register directly online.
Click here to go to NDCC online registration

Pro-Am Registration Forms

Pro-Am Single Dance (165kb PDF)
Pro-Am Solo & Multi-Dance & One Dance (558kb PDF)
Pro-Am Rules and Regulations (328kb PDF)

Competitor Fees and Passes

Please visit our Fees and Passes page to view the full details on pricing.
Entry Fee and Competitor Passes (194kb PDF)