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Vancouver Challenge Cup

Schedule Of Events

The schedule below is extremely tentative and is subject to change without notice. For more detailed information, please contact us by email at

Please note that this schedule may change without notice.
All changes made will be posted on O2CM.

Competitor Heat Times Now Online

Please use the link below to check your heat times. If you see anything that needs to be brought to our attention, please notify us by Monday, January 29th. After this time no schedule changes will be made.

**Schedule time changes may occur without notice**
**Competitors must be ready to compete a minimum 45mins before their event**

O2CM Live Schedule

This year we will not be selling programs. Instead, we will be offering O2CM Live! This online portal shows you the event scehdule in real time for the most up to date information. To acess the portal, use the link below and select Vancouver Challenge Cup from the drop down menu.

O2CM Live! Schedule

Print The Full Event Schedule

Use the button below to download the full event schedule. Please note that heat times and heat order may chance without notice. For the most up to date schedule, please speak to an official.

Full Event Print Schedule

Last updated Feb 1st

February 2nd 2024


Doors Open At 10:30 AM
FIrst Event At 11:15 AM
Pro-Am Ballroom & Smooth solo routines
Pro-Am Ballroom & Smooth single dance
Pro-Am Ballroom & Smooth multi-dance
Pro-Am Latin Solo Routines
Pro-Am Latin Single Dance & Multi Dance
Session Ends At 4:00 PM


Doors Open At 6:00 PM
First Event At 6:45 PM
Adult Latin (Newcomer to Pre-Champ)
Senior Latin (Newcomer to Pre-Champ)
Adult Open Ballroom
Senior Open Ballroom
Pro-Am One Dance Ballroom & Smooth
Pro-Am 3 & 5 Dance Scholarship Ballroom
Pro-Am 3 & 4 Dance Scholarship Smooth
Pro-Am One Dance Latin
Pro-Am 3 & 5 Dance Scholarship Latin
Social Dancing, Jack & Jill, and Mixer
Session Ends At 10:40 PM

February 3rd 2024


Doors Open At 8:45 AM
First Event At 9:30 AM
Rhythm solo routines
Pro-Am Rhythm single dance & multi-dance
Juvenile & Junior Ballroom & Smooth
Juvenile & Junior Latin & Rhythm
Youth & U21 Ballroom & Smooth (NC to Gold)
Youth & U21 Latin & Rhythm (NC to Gold)
Doors Close At 4:20 PM


Doors Open At 6:30 PM
First Event At 7:15 PM
Youth & U21 Ballroom & Smooth (PC to Open)
Youth & U21 Latin & Rhythm (PC to Open)
Adult Ballroom (Newcomer to Pre-Champ)
Senior Ballroom (Newcomer to Pre-Champ)
Adult Open Latin
Senior Open Latin
Pro-Am One Dance Rhythm
Pro-Am 3 & 4 Dance Scholarship Rhythm
Social dancing, Jack & Jill and Mixer
VCC Team Match
Fun Showcase
Session Ends At 11:30 PM

*NC = Newcomer 
*PC = Pre-Champ