COVID-19 Special Notice

To all our ballroom family, 2020 has been a very interesting year for us all. COVID-19 has affected all our lives in different and unexpected ways and has especially affected the ballroom dance community. With current government restrictions, as well as many dance studios still closed or operating at a limited capacity, we have made the tough decision to cancel Vancouver Challenge Cup 2021 for both safety and financial reasons. This is a decision we wanted to put off for as long as possible but with the current state of the pandemic, we do not feel that we will be able to provide the community with an event we would be proud to call VCC.

Please stay safe, stay active, and never stop dancing! Let's all continue to have fun and celebrate dance in our own way and we look forward to welcoming you all back in 2022!


JC Dance Co Vancouver Challenge Cup

Tips For First Time Guests

The main championship (highest level) rounds will be happening during the evening sessions. Dress code is smart casual to semi-formal.

The Vancouver Challenge Cup is not just a competition; it's a PARTY!!! Come and celebrate our crazy passion for ballroom dancing!

We have an unforgettable weekend planned. In addition to the highlight competition events in the evenings, we will also have a Mixer, some shows, a Jack & Jill competition and over 1.5 hours of General Dancing!

So what does all of that mean?


A 'mixer' is a group dance where everyone is constantly changing partners. Our very own, charismatic Michel Guimond will be leading the mixer. The choreography is very simple that even a beginner will have no problem catching on. Get on the dance floor and give it a whirl!

VCC Fun Showcase

Happening on Saturday night, this will feature performances by local professional and amateur dancers in a fun non-stop action packed medley.

Jack & Jill Competitions

Jack & Jill competitions are not so familiar in the world of ballroom dancing, but are in fact very popular in the world of swing! Leads and follows get paired randomly, and there are no costumes and no choreography required. Competitors and non-competitors are all welcome to join. It's always a very entertaining event, as it's very spontaneous and a lot of FUN!

General Dancing

This is a chance for everyone to get off their seats and take to the floor! We will be playing fun social music throughout the general dancing sessions. So grab your friends, or make new ones, and dance the night away!


As we are putting on not only a competition, but also a party, we will have light refreshments and alcoholic drinks available for purchase from the bar. Enjoy the events, munch on some snacks and share some drinks with friends.

We look forward to seeing you there!